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Do you know anybody that still does not use a cell phone?! 

The telecommunication industry has witnessed a rapid breakthrough during the past couple of years. Driven by the revolutionary tech discoveries, telecommunication has taken the world by storm and raised the communication and accessibility standards. This hypergrowth came in line with the globalization trendlines, and, consequently, showed an imperative need for proficient translation services to forge the sector’s growth.

In essence, telecommunication is all about connecting the world, and the current digital transformation has become a key pillar in this industry. Amid this context, language services were proven necessary for the success of multinational telecom businesses, as well as global network service providers.

What translation has to offer?

Both translation and telecommunication meet at the purpose of interlinking the world and bridging the communication gaps. Both are integral and support one another, and the applications of telecom translation services are palpably seen all around us.

Big telephone and internet service providers are localizing their products and marketing messages to fit in their newly tapped-into markets, while device manufacturers are translating their technical documentations in multiple languages to disseminate the knowledge and unify the exerted production efforts.

All participants of the telecom industry quickly figure out the absolute necessity of holding a multi-layer partnership with a reliable translation vendor that features in-country and IT-oriented linguists and makes professional use of assistive translation technologies. 

We, at EuroLingo, are aware of the importance of the telecommunication industry and its current pressing challenges and requirements. Our telecommunication translation specialists do not only provide mere translation services, they offer constant consultancy and complete guidance.

In the world of cloud computing platforms, for instance, translation agencies come up with their software localization solutions. Likewise, cutting-edge technologies like cellular telephony, voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), virtualization (software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV)), and ICT Applications (email, SMS, and voicemail) are only reaping benefits when accompanied with translation services.

Telecom | Eurolingo
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Documents for Telecom Translation Services

From technical documents to marketing materials and business content, telecom industry players need translation at every step. Here is a few examples where translation is needed in the telecommunication industry:

  • User guides and training manuals                    
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Technical bulletins                           
  • Corporate websites and online content translations
  • Catalogs, brochures, and marketing materials 
  • White papers and publications
  • Maintenance manuals                 
  • CAD or CAM files
  • Online help files                                
  • Electronic database files
  • Customer databases                
  • Employee handbooks
  • Service contracts           
  • Press releases

Why EuroLingo?

Be it a large telecom business or a small one, EuroLingo is, by far, your best bet. We have worked closely with the full spectrum of telecom market participants and helped them cater their messages to their target audience.

Having provided various language services to telecom giants for over 16 years, EuroLingo native experts have a broad experience and extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Within their rich track record of localization projects, EuroLingo’s telecommunication translation pundits have handled a variety of cases. EuroLingo prides itself on providing an integrated language solution for the telecommunication sector.

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