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Website localization is the process of altering an existing website to make it more usable, accessible and culturally appropriate for your target audience. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, providing an infinite wealth of business opportunities, website localization is thus becoming more and more important. Companies that look forward to making more profits, reaching out to more customers and building strong credibility, have already started to work on modifying their websites according to their target markets. The goal is to not only translate the language into another language but to create a compelling look and feel that appeals to their potential customers.  


This is why professional translation companies like EuroLingo exist. We are here to help you localize your website so that it matches the culture of your target market and take care of such elements as pictures, colors, languages.. etc.

What is the website localization process?

For a smooth website localization process, make sure you have your research and strategy in place. Check out this step-by-step guide for a seamless process:

  1.     Create a Localization Team

Website localization requires a competent team to successfully modify your website in every aspect. It’s better to consult every department of your business to gain their perspective on the project. Collaboration is the key to the successful outcome of the project. Hence, your translators, project managers, and web developers need to be on the same page. Understanding the objectives of the localization process and working as a team is essential. 

  1.     Choose Your Language

This is a crucial step. A detailed research is required to understand your target market in terms of profit and return on investment. Once you have identified your target market, it is important to completely understand the nuances of the local language. It is always a great idea to hire a professional localization house to cultivate a long-term partnership with them. They can help you with a detailed translation and contextualization of your content. 

  1.     Plan your Site’s URL Configuration

When venturing into a new market, you need to take three things into consideration: subdirectories, subdomains, and country-code top-level domains. This would help you do perfect marketing and would save you from all the difficulties that might arise later on.

  1.     Use the Right “ Language Service Provider” LSP

Choosing a language service provider requires a lot of research. It can be a company or an individual who provides language services such as translation, editing, interpreting, etc. It is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing the best LSP for you. Make sure to check this company’s field of expertise, proven track record, technology, turnaround time, etc. 

  1. Coordinate with Your LSP

After you’ve decided on the right LSP, make sure that you clearly define the objectives of your localization process. Your LSP will accordingly identify the main keywords in the region of your target language to improve your search engine optimization.  

EuroLingo is a leading translation service company headquartered in Poland with offices in Germany and Romania. We have years of experience in offering comprehensive translation services to an array of businesses around the world, including those working in the automotive, financial, healthcare, and education sectors – and you can be next.

With more than 12 years of experience, Eurolingo has worked with almost 400 reputed companies worldwide, in a variety of sectors, and have delivered 15,000 completed projects. 

We not only ensure accurate translation but also modify your website according to the cultural norms of your target audience through imagery, graphics, and colors. We make sure you bridge the regional barriers and connect with your local audience and successfully position your company in a new domain. 

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