Polish language

What is Special About Polish Translation Services?         

In today’s global market, with its cutthroat competition, each company is expected to go to any lengths to outsmart the competition. The accurate translation and localization of your products, services or website is increasingly becoming an integral part of this strategy. How to choose your translation agency depends on a few factors, including the target language of translation.  For example, English, the second most widely spoken language in the world, is much easier to translate compared to a language like Polish. And here comes the critical role of a professional Polish translation agency.

How to Pick Out the Successful Polish Translation Agency?

Choosing your Polish translation agency can be a tricky business. A reputable company usually offers native in-house translators. Besides, the company should be able to offer an array of services to you. While translation accuracy should be the main element you’re looking for, you also need to seek out the additional services that are delivered by the language service provider.. These services include desktop publishing services, localization services and MTPE services.

Serve Multiple Industries 

As a bonus, your Polish translation services provider should be able to meet the needs of the ever-growing multinational industries such as medical, legal, and education – to name a few. More specifically, the company should have subject-matter experts, i.e. when looking to get your medical handbooks or legal documents translated, there should be a subject matter expert handling the specific project. This will give your project another dimension of accuracy and professionalism.

Comprehensive Translation Supplier

Imagine having to hire a different translation company for each and every step of your new business deal. As we have already said, it is important to choose a company that can cater to different industries. However, it is more important that the agency can accurately translate a multitude of documents in each sector. Some examples include being able to translate patient records, medical findings, drug labeling and packaging, and clinical trials for the medical field. As for the legal industry, the translation company should be comfortable with translating contracts and agreements, licenses and permits, wills and trusts, as well as certificates and legal letters. Whether they are transcripts, degrees, or educational certificates in the education industry, a translation company should be able to handle every document with ease and professionalism

The Translation Agency of Choice

When looking for the number 1 expert in Polish translation services, your search will definitely lead you to EuroLingo. As our headquarters is in Poland, we thus automatically have a geographic edge over our competitors. Our previous 400+ clients can testify to the fact that we always make it our mission to place our customers first, therefore, making us the number one choice for a translation agency all across Eastern Europe. However, there are key standards that we consistently adhere to with each project – which takes us light years ahead of the competition. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

·        Native In-House Translators: By hiring only native speaking translators, we ensure that all your content is translated with cultural sensibilities taken into consideration, thus assuring maximum outreach for your target audience. 

·        ISO-17100: Being certified, we assure our clients that we’ll be delivering their projects with utmost clarity and accuracy.

·        Current Technology: We use state-of-the-art technologies of CAT tools and translation memory to ensure the quick and adequate translation of your material.

·        Flexibility: No matter the size and timeline of your project, our team at EuroLingo will meet all your requirements.  

With a language as challenging as Polish, there’s a need for special attention to detail with each translation project. Therefore, you have to choose a Polish translation agency that hires only Polish experts who are actually born and bred in the region. At EuroLingo, we can offer this superior service with great pride. For further questions and inquiries contact, our highly specialized sales team today.