EL. Translation Company Limited (EuroLingo) is a leading translation and localization company headquartered in Cyprus, serving clients virtually across the whole of Europe. We are perfectly positioned to meet the local demands and understand the nuances needed to produce high-quality localization. We are ideally placed to offer direct in-country services to clients who want to give their product the edge in any of the local or regional markets, or even internationally.

Each of EuroLingo’s branches carries a large portfolio of products and services that can be adapted to suit any budget, work plan, or deadline. Every product is tailored according to the individual client’s project management requirements.

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Professional Translation Services with Global Expertise

At EuroLingo, our experienced team is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best international translation and technical talent to suit our clients’ growing need for work that is efficient, accurate, and affordable.

Generating excellent results project after project isn’t easy, yet, our translation experts make it look easy. Every member of our team is scouted not only for their experience and merit, but also for their incredible attention to detail and underlining passion for their native language. At EuroLingo, we have developed an extensive staff selection process that puts every new translator we recruit on their toes to ensure they live up to our incredibly high standards which meets the promise to our clients that our professional translation services goes above the typical standards of the global market.

As the translation industry has developed and the need for high-quality translations is now in higher demand than ever before, we at EuroLingo have diversified and adapted to the changing market to meet these new demands – our adaptability to shifting markets is something we’re very proud of. In addition to offering professional translation services, our service offering has been extensively developed and is underpinned by our sense of innovation and technology. Now, not only do we offer high-quality translations, but also software engineering, quality assurance, project management, and multimedia design – EuroLingo is your one-stop shop for complete translation and business solutions.

Highly qualified and trained staff

Our breadth of staff includes Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Multimedia Designers, Software Engineers, Translators, and Quality Assurance Engineers, all of which come together to form various specialist teams within EuroLingo and enable us to offer unrivalled translation services. The ability to work under pressure is something the entire EuroLingo team does well, working together to ensure a project is completed in its entirety and to an impeccable standard.

At EuroLingo, our professional translation services are performed by our in-house translation team and linguists who sit within the Vendor & Resource Management area of our business. However, we also have a successful Business Development team that handles our sales and account management services, as well as multimedia designers that offer a variety of Desktop Publishing Services to make sure your documents and graphics are not only accurate but look fantastic, too. Our Project Managers see every client project through from start to finish – your project will be assigned its own manager – while our Engineering Team supports all our software engineering projects. However, it’s our in-house Marketing and Finance teams that keep our business running smoothly day in and day out.

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Our clients

We’ve helped more than 400 clients worldwide and we’ve done projects for the top leading global brands.

At EuroLingo we place our customers first in order to better serve them.

That is why we are no. 1 choice for clients seeking a professional experience.

No. 1 Choice for most of our clients
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Why Us?

ISO -17100

A certificate that assures the ability to deliver services that meet the clients’ specifications.


Quality that you won’t get easily unless working with professional and creative language providers


All your requests will be handled and delivered upon your preference

Native Translators

Flowing texts and great cultural sensitivity that assure a perfect handling for the target language

CAT Tools

In order to easy and fast translation services we believe that we must be up to date and tools oriented

Translation Memory

For a economical cost over time and fast delivery for urgent projects

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