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Machine Translation” is a very cost-effective way of translating large volumes of content. Automated translation is becoming more widely accepted and is used by many LSPs or agencies, as they strive to meet the demands of their customers by providing faster turnaround times” (SDL Trados). Used on its own, machine-automated translation is not meant to be a full replacement for content that needs the human touch and requires a high level of accuracy and syntax. However, it is good for general page content and SEO purposes, thanks to the intervention of new technology that improves the output of machine translated text, it is becoming more and more popular. In many instances machine translation and post-editing combined can be a viable alternative service offering, that’s why the demand for professionally trained Post-Editors is rising. Here at EuroLingo, we offer a range of translations services including Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) for much of Eastern Europe and we invite you to check out our services for yourself!

What is MTPE?

Machine Translation Post-editing services include the process where trained editing experts amend machine-generated translation in order to improve the final product by correcting grammatical and syntax errors and improving SEO and other focused editing points as required. In Eastern Europe, this is a popular service that many businesses, large and small alike, are beginning to take advantage of. It is distinct from traditional editing, which refers to the process of improving human-generated text – also known as a hands-on revision, human revision, or copy-editing. In its most simplistic form, machine translation post-editing involves the correction of machine translation output in order to ensure that it meets a level of quality needed for that individual translation project.

Understanding Machine Translation Post Editing

There are two basic categories for Machine Translation Post Editing and these are the basic services we offer at EuroLingo:

  • Light post-editing is a form of MTPE that requires minimal intervention by the post-editor and is a basic overview of the translated text to check for major issues and unreadable lines. The expectation for this sort of translation usually is that the client will be utilizing the translated text for inbound purposes only, when the translation is needed urgently, or when the deadline and text are short.
  • Full post-editing is also a type of MTPE and it involves a greater level of intervention and works after the machine translation to ensure the right level of quality is achieved. The expectation with this translation service is that the outcome will be a text that is of high quality and will be used for assimilation and even for dissemination, for inbound and for outbound purposes.

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Our state-of-the-art translation company is now one of the leading translation service providers for many industries in Eastern Europe. With four branches spanning the region, our goal is to meet all the translation demands of local and international businesses, exemplify the professional approach we take and to continue focusing on the nuances needed to produce high-quality translation services for all our clients. Each of EuroLingo’s service branches carries a large portfolio of products and services that can be adapted to suit any budget, work plan, or deadline. We’ve helped more than 400 clients worldwide and we’ve done projects for the top leading global brands. At EuroLingo, we place our customers first in order to better serve them. That is why we are no. 1 choice for clients seeking a professional experience and we are considered one of the very best in local translation services. We invite you to contact us today for your Machine Translation Post Editing needs!

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