Fields of Experience

Years of experience covering vast sectors

At EuroLingo, we have years of experience offering comprehensive translation services to hundreds of businesses in a variety of sectors, including specialist Technical & Scientific Translation Services for medical and healthcare, and other areas where industry expertise is essential to successful translation.

100% Native translators

All our translators are 100% native speakers which means when you choose EuroLingo for your translation project, we guarantee that the individual or team translating your content was born and raised in the relevant country, which helps to avoid any confusion when translating country-specific slang and industry jargon which may otherwise be lost on non-native speakers. For instance, if you’re translating English or German content into Russian, your translator will be Russian, giving your content and business the edge above competitors that translate using fluent but not native speakers.

Industry Specific expertise

At EuroLingo, we have dozens of specialist translators to suit every industry. Our specialist translators cover every sector you can think of, including information technology (software, hardware, and data processing) and the healthcare and medical sector, including the translation of medical devices and research documents. We also have a large team of technology and engineering specialists that, using their knowledge and industry expertise, complete technical & scientific translation for businesses working in the automotive, electrical, energy, food, and manufacturing industries, amongst others.

During translation, it’s important you work with industry experts for an accurate and reliable outcome – at EuroLingo, we offer just that. When you translate with EuroLingo, you translate with ease.

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