Why is A Multilingual Website Your Pathway to Success?

Your website is definitely your company’s online gateway, or, to put it outright, the cornerstone of your organization’s entire online presence!

In our digital age, and particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, your organization’s strong online presence is the make-or-break power for more sales, more revenues, and more success. Ultimately, this whole digital presence depends first and foremost on the power and effectiveness of your business website.

But why is it essential for your company to have a website that impresses prospects and engages customers?

First, it’s a great tool for customer service, as your site is a perfect platform for answering simple questions, coming from both customers and prospects, about such things as daily operation hours and office locations.  

Second, You’re not alone in your niche! To stand out in the crowd of competition, your customers need to have a specific online place where they may find information about your product and grasp the identity of your brand. With a good website, your company gains credibility and your brand becomes more established.

Third, a properly SEO-compliant website will be more likely to appear on search engines’ results pages. This will certainly translate into more online traffic and a wider customer base.\

However, we’ve got to look earnestly at another important aspect. Is your business local-minded or global-minded? To put it differently, do you need to offer your site in just one language or in multiple languages?

Why Should You Have a Multilingual Website? 

Now it’s a given that you are a smart business that targets both local and foreign audiences outside your borders. Okay, but don’t you want to have a substantial online presence that captures your audiences in different geographic regions − who speak different languages? Can your company afford to show your products and services on your website in one language only, for example, English?

In reply, let’s look at this. More than 75 percent of customers have a preference for buying products and services with information in their own mother tongue [https://csa-research.com/More/Media/Press-Releases/ArticleID/655/Survey-of-8-709-Consumers-in-29-Countries-Finds-that-76-Prefer-Purchasing-Products-with-Information-in-their-Own-Language#:~:text=Consumers%20prefer%20products%20with%20information,with%20no%20English%2Dlanguage%20competence.]. What about English? About 90 percent of online shoppers with no English-language competence would prefer to purchase from a website with content in their own (non-English!) language. Finally, 40 percent of your global prospects will not even purchase from websites in other languages!

Therefore, let’s admit the simple fact that a smart global-minded business will need to provide an optimal user experience for their overseas audiences. To achieve this, the only pathway is to create and maintain an impressive, compelling MULTILINGUAL WEBSITE.

So, let’s dive deeper to see what benefits your company will reap out of your investments in a multilingual site.

1-Broader Audience

Yes, English is definitely the most widespread language on the internet. Yet, statistics show that

only a quarter of online shoppers speak English [https://www.statista.com/statistics/262946/share-of-the-most-common-languages-on-the-internet/]! Is it easy for a global-minded business to turn a blind eye to the remaining 75% of internet users and forget about meeting their needs?!

There’s no doubt that offering your website content in multiple languages will help you reach out to new audiences who will buy your products, increase your sales, and boost your company’s revenues.

2- Competitive Edge

Unsurprisingly, both you and your competitors are now doing business amidst a rampant pandemic, working hard to increase online overseas sales. So, when it comes to this key battlefield, your multilingual website is your pathway to success.

3-Client Focus

Personalization is one of the key factors for standing out in today’s crowded marketplace. Therefore, giving your visitors engaging content in their specific mother tongue is a great privilege that will definitely be appreciated by them − in the form of more sales and, thus, more business success.

4-International SEO Matters!

Let’s suppose your SEO effort is so great that you rank high on search engines on the local level. Yet, what about the status of your website for searchers and browsers who speak other different languages?  Here comes the role of International SEO.

Thanks to SEO-optimizing your website into multiple languages, your website will get seen by browsers in multiple overseas markets. With this, you’ll certainly see your sales increase on a global scale.

What Can EuroLingo Do?

After all is said, a few simple, albeit important, questions are hanging about.

Whatever the industry you’re in, is it your job to turn your traditional monolingual website into a multilingual one? Whose job is it and why? Fact is, it’s by no means your job!

Your site is the online property that provides your prospects and customers with the optimal user experience you work hard to create. Besides, creating a multilingual website isn’t like a knife through butter. For that reason, only a professional website translation and localization provider can do it for you.

At EuroLingo, capitalizing on our 17-year experience, we take full responsibility for giving you a multilingual website that resonates with online visitors (your clients and prospects!) and, at the same time, achieves your business objectives. Besides, we do stand out in the crowd of website translation vendors. Why?

First, we pride ourselves on offering an integrated, all-inclusive website translation and localization solution.

Second, it’s fully automated. Our translation system detects all your content and translates it automatically, noting that our systems integrate with all content management systems, including Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and others.

Further, we follow the most updated SEO best practices, aiming to optimize all your website content for search engines, locally and internationally.

What’s more, translation, at EuroLingo, is just part of our capabilities in this area. We also deliver premium WEBSITE LOCALIZATION services whereby our experts will adapt the language, appearance, and usability of your site for multiple overseas audiences.

Last but not least, we’ve established, over the past 17 years, an impressive track record in providing our clients with 24/7 customer support. Our website translation and localization team are available round the clock to respond to all your inquiries and solve any issues that may arise down the road.

So, should you wish to take your business to the next level, contact us today for your free quote.