Top 5 Hacks to Save Unnecessary Translation Costs

In a world of booming technology trends, translation has gained further popularity and been met by massive demand from a wide range of companies in various sectors. Some newbies or unprofessional players go the easy way and opt for free online translation platforms to fulfill their translation needs, yet those who look for quality translation find no way but to partner with a reliable translation company that features expert linguists and follows a competent process.

Free software applications are all around, you might use them for small or insignificant tasks. However, if you have big projects you will be in need to partner with a certified language service provider (LSP). 

LSPs are language specialists, subject matter experts, and sometimes technical pundits. They are capable of running great businesses and presenting an array of services to a full spectrum of clients which is not only about translation as it has recently branched out into many subcategories, like software localization, desktop publishing (DTP), subtitling, and dubbing, among others.

Looking for proficient translation services yet stuck with a tight budget? EuroLingo brought you the top 5 practices you can do to minimize your translation expenditures and get the highest quality services at the most accessible rates.

Here are the top 5 practices you can do to minimize your translation services cost and get the highest quality

  1. Planning (Pre-preparation)

One key tip to cut your translation costs is to prepare any professional text that you are planning to translate. When your writers know from the beginning the content is meant to be multilingual, they ensure to make it clear and precise.

Eventually, translators will find it easier to fulfill their jobs. In addition, there are some actions you might take to render translation tasks less costly and less time-consuming,such as:

  • Make sure you send the text in editable formats, or even extract it plain in a word document or any other simple template so as to save superfluous steps at unnecessary costs. 
  • Dispatch the text you want to translate, and avoid sending any redundant or useless content. In short, send a precise version of your text that is ready for translation.
  1. Providing glossaries and translation memory

This step comes as early as the content creation process begins in your company; developing your own glossaries and translation memory is vital for reducing translation costs, efforts, and time. 

Providing your translation partner with an adequate terminology sheet or translation memory list, will take a heavy weight off your translation company’s shoulder, and of course, extra costs off your budget. With your little help, translators would never need to retranslate the already-translated terms and this will reflect in shorter turnaround time, lower translation costs, as well as more consistency.

  1. Quality assurance

You might misthink paying for an extra step is pointless, yet betting on quality assurance can save you further costs later on!

A comprehensive translation process that comprises three stages, namely: translation, editing, and proofreading usually requires higher costs at the time. However, it will save you the hassle and cost of recorrecting mistakes and fixing errors in the long-run. It is a completely wise and cost-efficient decision to invest in quality-driven translation packages, as multiple quality checks guarantee no extra costs on the long term.

  1. Long-term partnership

Having a long-term deal with a transparent and proficient translation company will help you get special offers and discount rates with no additional costs or hidden fees. Besides guaranteed trust and reliability, holding a multi-layer partnership with one acknowledged translation company, preferably certified, will directly lower your translation costs.

Stay loyal to your translation agency and save yourself the hassle of looking for proficient translation services every time.

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