The Future of Video Localization

In this increasingly digital age, more and more people are producing video content than ever. In fact, it has become de rigueur for even a small entity to produce videos regularly and put them out there.

It’s important to point out, however, that not all video content is created equal. Some videos perform way better than others out there.

There are many different reasons why a video might outshine other videos. One often-overlooked reason is video localization.

What is video localization?

Simply put, video localization is the process of reviewing a video and making sure that the language it uses is compatible with the culture of its target audience(s).

Often, when people speak, they use phrases, sayings and expressions that are familiar to them but not necessarily familiar to the people who are going to be watching the content, perhaps in a completely different part of the world. It’s also easy to make a reference to something a target audience may not be completely familiar with, causing confusion.

What are the Video Localization Trends?

Video localization is the process of adapting video content to a specific target audience by translating or adapting the video’s language, images, and cultural references. Here are some of the latest trends in video localization:

  1. Use of AI and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning technologies are being increasingly used to streamline the video localization process. These technologies help automate tasks like translation, subtitling, and voice-over, making the process faster and more accurate.
  2. Increased Demand for Dubbing: Dubbing, the process of replacing the original audio with a new audio track in a different language, is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is driven by the growing global demand for video content and the desire to provide a more immersive viewing experience.
  3. Focus on Cultural Sensitivity: With the rise of social media and the increasing global reach of video content, there is a growing emphasis on cultural sensitivity in video localization. Localization providers are working to ensure that videos are adapted appropriately to different cultural contexts, including language, tone, and imagery.
  4. Shorter Turnaround Times: In today’s fast-paced digital environment, there is a growing demand for shorter turnaround times in video localization. Providers are using technology and automation to speed up the process and deliver localized content faster.
  5. Customized Content: Customized content that caters to the specific needs and preferences of different target audiences is becoming increasingly important in video localization. Localization providers are using data and analytics to gain insights into different audiences and create content that resonates with them.

Re-recording the video? Not necessary

You might think at first.that this would entail re-recording the video and possibly having to have multiple videos for multiple audiences. Fortunately, this is almost always not the case.

Localization can be achieved in most cases with any combination of subtitles and voiceover/dubbing, depending on the budget available and the nature of the source content. This allows you to make your content-neutral and/or produce differently-targeted versions of your content without having to record any more video whatsoever.

Why it’s important to localize videos specially after COVID-19

The pandemic has absolutely and permanently changed culture the world over, in so many different ways.

But, even the worst and most traumatic events have a silver lining somewhere, especially for savvy entrepreneurs who know how to look for them. This is exactly why video localization is so key for so many companies in this new era.

Because people are consuming so much more online content than ever before, your audience as a video content producer has expanded greatly. But, to really take full advantage of these new people in your audience, you will have to make sure your video has better reach and relatability to reach all these new people. This is where video localization comes in, and this is why video localization is such a wise investment in today’s world.

How Eurolingo can help localize your videos

Eurolingo localization company are specialists in video localization. We are proud to say that we have been a part of this exciting movement in the industry from the beginning. As such, we are ahead of the curve at this point.

What this means to you, our potential client is that our quality of work is top-notch and our standards are very high, no matter how big or small the job is. Our expertise and experience allow us to meet even the most exacting standards of the most demanding clients.

In addition to that, our turnaround times are all but unmatched in the industry, and our prices stay competitive because we are so efficient at what we do. This all translates to you getting what you need when you need it at a price that works for you, without ever having to think twice about it.

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