MTPE Competitive Advantage for Businesses

For any business, it is important that it continually assesses its outgoings in order to keep increasing its net revenue by keeping its costs at a minimum. However, many businesses are beginning to make use of the ease at which they can enter new markets but in order to do so, they will need to consider localization which definitely comes at a cost.

Despite the cost, if a business is considering entering a new market, it needs to make sure that it aligns itself with that new market in the right way. This is not just a case of translating the current content because it goes deeper than that. It means that businesses need to make the necessary changes to media, content and even the format of a website. So the content can be easily understood, can be read in the correct way and so it also falls in line with religions and culture among many other things. While localization costs, the cost of translation services can be reduced through the use of MTPE.

What is MTPE? 4 Main Advantages

MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) is a process where machine translation output is edited and revised by a human translator to improve the accuracy and quality of the translation. MTPE offers several competitive advantages for businesses and translation companies like Eurolingo:

  1. Cost-Effective: MTPE can be more cost-effective than traditional human translation services since machine translation can quickly produce a rough draft of the translation, which the human translator can then revise and edit. This process can save time and money for the client, making it an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints.
  2. Faster Turnaround Time: MTPE can be faster than traditional human translation services since the machine translation output can be quickly produced and then edited and revised by the human translator. This process can help businesses to meet tight deadlines and deliver translated content faster.
  3. Consistent Quality: MTPE can provide consistent quality since the machine translation output provides a baseline for the human translator to work from. This process can help to ensure that the translation is accurate and consistent, which is especially important for technical or legal translations.
  4. Customizable: MTPE can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client. For example, the level of post-editing can be adjusted depending on the quality of the machine translation output and the desired level of accuracy.

For Eurolingo, offering MTPE services can be a competitive advantage since it can offer a faster turnaround time, lower costs, and consistent quality to clients. MTPE can also help Eurolingo to attract clients who are looking for a budget-friendly translation solution without sacrificing quality. Additionally, offering MTPE can help Eurolingo to improve its efficiency and productivity, allowing it to take on more translation projects and grow its business.

What is MTPE and why is it so important?

Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) is a process where a translation is completed automatically by machine. This is a quick and efficient way of translating content although it isn’t flawless and so, it requires post editing by a professional linguist. This two steps process ensures that the final result is achieved in a time-consuming manner.

For any business attempting to save money, using a translation service and more specifically a human to translate content, can be costly. It can also take time and that also comes at a cost but this is where MTPE is a great option. A machine automatically and instantly translates content which can help to improve productivity and speed up the workflow process. Even though a human will post-edit the translation, it takes them less time and less effort and that is where savings are made.

How MTPE Can Reduce the Cost?

When you consider that websites and marketing materials can contain a lot of content, it essentially means that a lot of man-hours are put into translating the content. However, when the content is run through a machine for automatic and instant translation, it speeds up the process and saves a significant amount of time and effort. Even though there is a cost to use MTPE, the cost is less than that of using a translator and that is where savings can be made. For businesses looking to save time and money then MTPE is a feasible option worth considering.

If you are looking to move your business into a new market then you should not

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