How Has Multilingualism Created a Maverick Star?

Nora S. Wiśniewska.

The employee of the month for March 2021 and the employee of the year for 2020. Worthy of attention and recognition, we, at EuroLingo, have decided to talk to her. However, before we listen to her, it might be good to see what her boss and colleagues say about Nora.

“Multilingual maverick”! This is how her boss describes her. “Nora is not only a translator from English, Spanish and German into Polish and the other way round, but she also represents the vigor and creativity of multilingualism”, says Nora’s direct supervisor.

So, what is Nora saying about herself, her career, and other things? Meriam A. Schwartz interviewed her. Let’s see what Nora wants to say.

The Vigor of Multilingualism

EuroLingo Communication Team: Nora, Where and when were you born?

Nora (giggling):  I was born in Gdansk on November 9, 1989, just 3 days before the fall of the ugly Berlin Wall []!

EuroLingo Communication Team: Why not tell us something about your early life?

Nora: Oh, well. I remember I was always doing well at school. Then I graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Applied Linguistics. Since then, I’ve been working in the fields of translation, interpretation, and localization. For me, it’s not a job, it’s my love.

EuroLingo Communication Team: As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Nora: A pilot.

EuroLingo Communication Team: So, you didn’t realize your dream, did you?

Nora: Sure, I did! I’m a pilot. My job as a multilingual translator makes it possible for me to travel the world every day from one culture to another, and from one country to another. Yes, you might see me now sitting at my desk in Czestochowa in southern Poland on the Warta River. Yet, the fact is, as a multilingual person, I do travel all the time across communities, territories, countries, and cultures. I’m a pilot by nature. I did realize my dream!

EuroLingo Communication Team: What does it feel like to be a “multilingual maverick” as your boss always describes you?

Nora. Many things. My command of multiple languages energizes me, making me feel exceptional and unique. Besides, it gives me convenience. I feel I have full mastery of everything. I love “control”, and I feel it.

EuroLingo Communication Team: Control? What do you mean?

Nora: I mean power. You know, they say knowledge is power. Can I add to this long-held axiom my opinion that language is a superpower?! Learning new languages other than my Polish mother tongue has always helped me broaden my intellectual and emotional horizons. The more languages I learn and master, the deeper personality I feel I have within me. Isn’t it awesome that you feel you can conquer a world of new books, new music albums, new online articles, new movies … everything new, everything thrilling?!

EuroLingo Team: So, is it an enjoyable experience to be a multilingual person?

Nora: Fantastic! How great it is to get to know about diverse cultures! Languages have allowed me to understand different cultures. Anglo-Saxon culture in America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and so on. Also, I now understand and adore the Hispanic culture in Spain, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and so forth. It’s awesome. I love diverse cultures.

EuroLingo Team: Who are your favorite celebrities?

Nora. Nastassja Kinski, the wonderful German actress, and Louise Glück, the Nobel laureate in literature 2020.

EuroLingo Team: Why did you choose them?

Nora: Louise Glück was awarded the Noble prize for her unmistakable poetic voice that makes individual existence universal. As for Nastassja Kinski, we’re similar. She masters 4 languages: Italian, French, German, and English. I love her!

Now, when all is said and done, we might still need to ask 2 spicy questions. Do Nora and EuroLingo match? Is Nora a misfit at EuroLingo? Let’s dive deeper.

Does Nora Represent EuroLingo?

Frankly, Nora S. Wiśniewska is typical of EuroLingo.  Her story is a sample of the workforces that we hire in the various departments of EuroLingo to achieve our ultimate goal ─ to provide the highest-quality translation and localization solutions to corporate clients in Europe and all over the world.

However, we still need to answer an important question. Why does EuroLingo have Nora and many other NORAs? The answer, however, is simple.

At EuroLingo, we’re committed to diversity. We hire people based on competence and merit ─ regardless of race, age, gender, color, religion, national origin, or political/intellectual affiliation.

We encourage learning and always provide our workforces with all tools that fully empower them to continue to grow and acquire knowledge. As a result, we’re fostering a culture that provides all teams with continuous professional development. 

Importantly, EuroLingo encourages and rewards workplace participation. All our employees trust that their voice is always heard.

Last but not least, we only hire staffs who believe in and love our topmost corporate objective: “No matter how big or small your project is, our highly-qualified team of precise and passionate translation experts has you covered”.

Contact us today to discuss how our teams, the likes of Nora, can help your business.