How Education Translation Services Are the Key to a Globalized World?

Believe it or not! English is not the most commonly spoken language in Europe; and take this too: Russian is the most commonly spoken language in Europe, followed by German and then French, with English ranking five ─ according to WorldAtlas.

Even though globalisation might have turned the world into a small village, Europe is still standing out from the rest of continents with its diverse regions, countries, traditions, cultures, and, last but not least, languages.

The European continent, however, is by no means an English speaking bloc. It’s a diversified home to hundreds of tongues, including some of the most widely spoken languages across the globe. With almost 24 major languages spoken in Europe, the number of languages virtually spoken in the continent goes above 150 languages.

According to a survey conducted 7 years ago by the European Commission, only 25% of Europeans could understand English well enough to follow an English-language newscast. Importantly, the majority of Europeans prefer to learn in their own non-English languages!

Why Should We Translate Educational Documents?

In reply to the above question, we’ve got to accept the fact that people, not only in Europe but also worldwide, prefer to use their mother language in the fields of learning, education and training.

However, learning does not necessarily work this way everywhere, with many educational systems around the world still adopting the one-size-fits-all approach and thus using one or several privileged languages in the educational sphere.

Having said that, to form a sound judgement about this dilemma, why not refer to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ─ the international body whose declared mission is to “contribute to promoting international collaboration in education”?

UNESCO and the Need for Education Translation Services

Since 1953, just 7 years after it was founded, UNESCO has been urging nations to use mother tongues in primary education. From day one, it has always been drawing attention to the fact that young students whose mother tongue is not the language of school teaching are more prone to failing in the early grades or even dropping out of school. 

According to UNESCO and some well-known think-tanks, if education is conducted in the mother tongue of learners, especially younger ones, the following benefits will be brought to the world:

  • More opportunities for young students to enroll and succeed in school.
  • Better chances for parents to communicate with teachers, and thus participate in their children’s learning. 
  • Better communication between students and teachers .
  • Students are able to understand better and faster.
  • Young students will enjoy school more and feel more at home. 
  • Students will have a sense of belonging for the simple reason that it is their language that is being used.

Will Education Translation Services Pay off?

Can any government or educational institution across the globe afford the luxury of not seeking to translate educational documents into the mother tongue of students?

Without waiting for an answer, let’s admit that education translation services are increasingly becoming part and parcel of present-day educational system both in Europe and all over the world. Such services are indispensable for students, researchers, professors, and teachers, simply because there is no school or university system that can do without supporting multiple languages.

There’s no denying that students everywhere will prefer receiving their learning in their own mother language, and nations will always favor their languages for national considerations, and thus will prefer using them to using any international language for learning. This provides a golden opportunity for translation companies that provide education translation services and can professionally translate educational documents such as lesson plans, syllabi, presentations, videos, exercises and more.


Why EuroLingo?

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