How Computer Assisted Translation Tools Altered the Language Industry!

Translation never ceases to change, and language industry players always develop new technologies to help translators and facilitate their jobs. Computer assisted translation tools, or CAT tools, were initially introduced to the global translation market in the 1990s with the aim of speeding up the translation process and improving its quality. Professional translation agencies celebrated the advent of these helpful technologies and they soon turned into a must-have for any successful language service provider.

What are CAT tools?

CAT tools are assistive software that boast a number of features to help linguists fulfill their translation tasks faster and at higher quality. Enabling capabilities like translation memory, quality assurance, and project management, computer assisted translation tools have quickly become an indispensable part of any professional translation process.

Unlike machine translation, CAT tools are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of human translators. When fed with sufficient glossaries and industry-specific term bases, computer-aided tools take a heavy weight off the translators’ shoulders and save a lot of time and money.

Nevertheless, the efficiency of a CAT tool depends on its features and capabilities. Cloud-based CAT technologies, for instance, can be accessed on the web through different platforms all at once, while downloadable and local tools cannot.

Also, some premium CAT tools offer the opportunity to access online terminology databases and some others are equipped with extra project management or freelancer marketplace features. Additionally, the number of languages a CAT tool supports the abundance of file formats it can handle, as well as the storage capacity are all important factors that distinguish some tools over others. 

Benefits of CAT tools

No matter what features they have, it is fair to say that integrative CAT tools reap numerous benefits across all language solutions from mere translation projects all the way to sophisticated localization and desktop publishing (DTP) services.

  1. Consistency: Thanks to its ability to integrate with different systems, allow simultaneous translation through cloud computing, or incorporate and leverage huge translation memories. CAT tools maintain a high level of coherence across the entire translated documents and eliminate any possible inconsistencies.
  1. Time: CAT tools can retrieve data from translation memories and apply approved translation on all repeated terms and phrases, which cuts a lot of unnecessary time. Comprehensive cloud-based tools also allow multiple translators to work simultaneously and collaboratively on one single project, and this definitely saves much time.
  1. Quality: Most of the professional CAT tools contain terminology management and quality assurance systems that entail grammar and spell checkers. Some advanced tools are further able to detect formatting errors, missing numbers and term inconsistencies and fix them instantly.
  1. Organization: CAT tools’ interface is easy to use as the entire text is usually divided into separate segments or short phrases and then displayed across two strings or sections; one for the source language and the other for the target language. Some additional translation management features enable translation project managers to keep track of the process and monitor the progress.

Best CAT tools for translation

The translation market is filled with computer assisted translation tools that vary in terms of efficiency and pricing. However, some software applications established their reputation as the best CAT tools for translation, not only because they support all languages and work with all file formats, but also due to their versatility and proven ability to suffice the needs of translators in different industries. 

These are four reliable CAT tools that are highly recommended for professional translation projects.

SDL Trados

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies, SDL offers competent translation and digital content management capabilities and enables companies to create, translate and deliver relevant and personalized content to support meaningful customer journeys. 

Cloud-based SDL translation management solution allows full control over the translation project, reduces translation costs, accelerates the entire process, and increases its quality.


Ranking among the top CAT tools and translation management solutions worldwide, Memsource promotes a myriad of innovative features. From advanced artificial intelligence applications and integration capabilities through API solutions to translation memory development and terminology management, Memsource aims at strengthening translation companies and making localization easier, faster, and more cost-effective.


MemoQ is a holistic translation management system that is designed to serve the needs of enterprises, language service providers, and translators. Supporting over 100 languages and most document formats.

MemoQ offers a number of fruitful products and services like memoQ server, memoQ project manager, memoQ cloud, and memoQ translator pro. The software is also characterized with its ability to integrate with other translation tools.


Pairaphrase is a cloud translation software that covers over 5000 language pairs and provides file formatting, cloud translation editing, as well as translation memory development services. In addition to its dynamic machine learning and translation API technologies, Pairaphrase contains a spell checker, translation tracking system, voice over translation solution, and 24/7 live human support.

The list of useful CAT tools and innovative translation management solutions is endless, and translation vendors usually use more than one tool to come out with the ultimate output. We, at EuroLingo, are trained to work with multiple translation software programs and choose the right tools as per our client requirements.

Established in 2004, EuroLingo has been committed to deliver the highest quality and best language solutions to our clients all around Eastern Europe. Our ISO 17100 certified team of expert linguists is equipped with a combination of groundbreaking CAT technologies and uses the right tools to fulfill various needs. 

Our CAT tools-powered translation services have been trusted by giant multinational brands, including Microsoft, Cannon, and Google.

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