7 Main Characteristics That Your Translation Company Should Have

Lately companies’ demands for translation services had been increased as companies started to establish their offices in different locations all over the world and it’s always better to communicate with people with their mother tongues. So here comes the need for translation companies. Over the past decade translation companies had helped many companies to leave a global footprint and truly hone-in on carving a local niche with each nation’s native audience.

Translation companies offer more security and linguistic expertise as when compared to hiring freelance translators. Moreover, translation companies can customize projects based on client needs and demands by offering them the services of translation, editing and proofreading. 

So if you have a company and you are decided to cooperate with a translation company? The markets is huge and competition is one fire, Right? So this makes it difficult for any company, especially if it’s the first time to partner with a translation company, to choose one. We managed to specify some key characteristics that you should make sure that it will be available at your perfect match translation company.

Key Characteristics of the Perfect Translation Company

1.    Quality Over Quantity

Translation companies always face the constant demand for speedy service from their client. Though speed is necessary, you want to ensure that your end product is catered to with the utmost attention to detail and is error free. Making this the first key characteristic to be on the look-out for when choosing your translation agency.

2.    Team Management 

Make sure that your translation agency has the appropriate workforce required to make a project happen. Most of the time a project manager is involved in ensuring a streamlined process and making sure that everything is double-checked.

3.    The Communication Gap 

It’s not enough for a successful translation company to be an expert in languages, but it should know how to communicate effectively with clients. You should observe if they are listening to your comments and notes and how fast they are replying to your emails. From the moment you make your first interaction up until the moment you receive your final project, your team of linguistic experts should be in touch with you through every process.

4.    Exclusive Membership 

Accreditation and membership in any recognized organization is an added value to any translation company. You should ask if the company has membership in organizations like Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), American Translators Association (ATA), The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and other well-known organization. 

5.    Lingo Experts 

from the translators to the interpreters and linguistic experts, every team member plays a vital role in representing the values of the agency. A key characteristic you should be able to sight is the hiring of native language speakers by the agency. Having a team of native origin not only guarantees the proper translation of your documents but will help you in the steps of localizing the translating material. This is primarily since the native speaking language experts will be able to properly reference the cultural and political points of view in the targeted audience.

6.    Up-to-Date Technology

 having the latest technology at hand is a beneficial characteristic for a translation agency to hold. This may include any number of elements; a multilingual software, proper training for the team of linguistic experts, and translation memory (to reuse and recycle words in the future).

7.    Age Before Beauty

while you should not avoid new players on the block, a good characteristic to look for is the number of years in service. While, yes new companies will advertise the use of the last gear and technology, ultimately you want your project handled by a company that has the level of expertise that comes with having handled a numerous list of clients in the past.

Based on these characteristics, Eurolingo appears to have many of them. They have a team of professional translators who are experts in different languages and industries. Eurolingo also offers a quality assurance process that includes editing, proofreading, and quality control checks to ensure accurate translations. They prioritize confidentiality and use translation tools and technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. Eurolingo also offers customized translation services to meet the specific needs of their clients. Therefore, Eurolingo appears to be a reliable and professional translation company.

About Us

Overtime EuroLingo has become a leading service provider for all of Eastren Europe. We have four main branches spread throughout the region they include an office in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Romania truly making us your one stop shop for all your translation needs. Our fields of expertise include:

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive 
  • PR & Marketing 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education and E-learning
  • Financial 

Oil and Gas.  

 Through the course of our history we have never shied away from a challenge, by helping more than 400 clients achieve global success it is easy to see why we are the number one choice for consumers. On the list of our clients included are the names of well known companies such as, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Sony, to name a few. However, it is our highly-trained team that truly helps us new benchmarks.

With our all inclusive team we have completed over 15,000 projects, translated 20 million words, and cater 30 languages. EuroLingo intentionally hires a team of native speaking origin, ensuring that it’s not just the language that gets across to the ‘target’ audience but rather a true respect and appreciation for the culture of the country.

At EuroLingo we are  ISO 17100 certified, ensuring that we meet all the standards of the translations services community. We use CAT tools and translation memory for those projects that time be on a time of a time constraint, but importantly we place our clients first. Therefore, if you’re looking for a service par excellence contact us sales team at Eurolingo today.