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In addition to offering complete localization solutions, at EuroLingo, we provide Localization Engineering to help you complete the technical aspects of localization. Localization Engineering is advanced-level localization that involves extraction of your current website, software, or interface coding which is then localized – meaning to be adapted for use in a new country, market, or territory – before being rebuilt and tested, followed by a seamless launch into a new market.

At EuroLingo, we have years of experience in Localization Engineering, working with hundreds of brands to localize the right way into new territories successfully with proven results. Using a variety of complex localization engineering tools, our engineers can localize your business accurately and efficiently. Previously, we have worked with businesses in a variety of specialist sectors, including IT, healthcare and medicine, education, financial services, consumer products, and entertainment.

How Localization Engineering Works

Before we begin localizing your businesses’ digital assets, we will analyse your current interface to determine how long the process will take and what the cost will be. Following a full analysis and approval of the localization schedule, we will establish the correct terminology for your localization project, as well as preparing the source material and extracting content from your current interface, which will then be passed over to our translation experts for accurate localization. Your interface will then be resized and compiled into a workable format so our localization engineers can adapt your interface to suit the functionality of local varieties in your new territory. Once the translation of content and the localization of your interface has been complete, it will be re-built and tested for functionality and aesthetic appeal before being handed to you in a form that is ready-to-launch.

Our Services & Tools

At EuroLingo, we specialise in software localization, e-Learning localization, and software testing, however, we have successfully managed numerous localization projects outside our day-to-day remit.
Our localization engineering experts use a variety of advanced tools to ensure the localization process is as seamless and accurate as possible. Our current selection of tools includes After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Sound Forge, Dreamweaver, and dozens more. Pulling all our resources together, we can localize your business effectively and affordably to give you the best chance of success in your new market.

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We have been working with Eurolingo on usual basis for many years as our partner for technical translations of different areas (automotive, energy, machinery or general engineering) into different languages, as for example Polish, Romanian, Czech, Bulgarian or Hungarian.

Eurolingo has widely demonstrated to be very professional and a reliable collaborator for quality translations.

Eva Elizondo
, Bertelsmann

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