EuroLingo is now one of the leading translation and localization houses in Eastern Europe, and with branches throughout the region it is fully in touch with local demands, requirements, and tastes, so it can produce high quality localization. It is a unique position to offer direct in-country services to clients who want to give their product the edge in any of the local or regional markets, or even internationally.

Each of EuroLingo’s branches carries a large portfolio of products and services that can be adapted to suit any budget, work plan, or deadline. Every product is tailored according to the individual client’s project management requirements.

Why choose us

Medical and Healthcare

We translate for healthcare and pharmaceutical international brands, medical device producers as well as research institutes. We also specialize in the related content including Informed Consent Forms, and Patient Information.


With millions of translated words annually, Telecommunication is our area of expertise. We provide best quality translations of product specifications, GUI, mobile apps and end user content.


Our translators with engineering background participate in every stage of the production cycle form translating production line specifications to workshop manuals and car user interfaces.

PR & Marketing

We have the local market experience with highly trained and qualified team to guarantee that all your internal and external message reach your target audience


Our experienced translators are familiar with all type of content used in Manufacturing: MSDS, installation manuals, technical documentation. We have worked for ABB, Fuji Seal, Marel, ThyssenKrupp and many more.

Education & E-learning

We can translate all your Educational documents with high quality standards. We have translated several project for top notch Educational companies. Including brochures, text books, and training courses, etc.









Our clients

We’ve help more than 400 clients world wide and we’ve done projects for top leading global  brands.

At  EuroLingo we put our customers first in order for us to serve them better.

That is why we are no. 1 choice for most of our clients.

No. 1 Choice for most of our clients
Quality Guaranteed
Fast Turnaround

Looking for a First-Class language translation vendor?

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